The first equipment supply at a new plasma facility in Kirov.

Veronica Skvortsova and Alexander Sokolov took part in the opening of a new plasma center in Kirov. During their visit, they familiarized themselves with the work of the new centre and expressed their gratitude for the important work carried out by the personnel of the plasma centre.

They also noticed the work of our plasma collection and reprocessing devices, which were installed in the new plasma center. Veronica Skvortsova and Alexander Sokolov also noted the advanced technologies we use in our machines, and the high level of performance that allows us to efficiently assemble and recycle plasma.

The personnel of the plasma centre also expressed their gratitude for the work of our devices and noted that they significantly simplify the process of plasma collection and processing, which in turn allows them to provide the population with high-quality medical services.

The opening of the new plasma centre in Kirov was an important event for the region and for the whole country, as it will improve the quality of health care and provide the population with the necessary medical services in transfusion.

We are proud that our machines help in this important task and are ready to continue to work in the same spirit to ensure high quality of treatment.

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